The End of a Presidency

Coming at you live, a piping hot slice of tax return info regarding the secrecy behind our current president's own returns has hit the front page of the New York Times. Donald Trump's tax returns have long been a factor of news cycles, online debates, and common household talk since the campaign trail of 2016. Tax returns in it of themselves are to most Americans a basic component of daily life. This information is seldom times private or confidential to most onlookers but this point finds itself to be especially prudent when we are dealing with the current president of the United States of America.

Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

What I find most incredible was that court case after court case repeal after repeal we have seen countless legal battles to find the truth behind our current president's finances. These deliberations and data have finally come to fruition in the public eye after careful reporting by the New York Times. This comes as a shock to many and as I’m writing this down many are pointing their eyes to the White House on the hill. “750$” 750$ is the amount that our president a multimillionaire paid in federal taxes in 2017 while holding the position of president of the United States.

Photograph: CNN

This to many including myself is downright laughable and disgraceful to the countless hardworking Americans in any field. If we are to believe in a fair and just country that taxes it’s citizens on the basis of their work to make contributions to the infrastructure, schools, and roads of this country can we say that is the case when our very own president has contributed almost nothing in relation to his own wealth? As this is not representative of that normal hardworking Americans face when doing our own taxes why is our president's contribution to the federal government is the equivalent of 2.3 square miles of crack resurfacing on our nation's highways? (Barrett & Greene, 2009) I personally find it downright mindboggling that as a part-time worker for this year I have personally contributed more than twice the amount that our supposed leader of the free world has in federal taxes.

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