The Coming of a New Tide

With the news of a Democrat win, we have what many would call a win for true democracy. The people have spoken and they have done so loudly. Coast to coast celebrations followed the election of Joe Biden to the U.S. presidency while we have seen a scramble of conservative pundits push a falsified election fraud claim to confuse the general public as to why Donald Trump may have lost the presidency. Simply put Trump lost the seat because he didn’t get enough votes. With historic highs for voter turnout with both democrats and republicans, I can't fathom what he is so upset about. This was in all likelihood the best outcome that he could have attained rather than the predicted blue wave (Thanks Nate Silver) that was supposed to sweep the United States. But, like many things, we are an unpredictable culture as any and while we love the dramatic side of politics there has to be a winner in the end.


I am curious of how these next few months will fail for the newly crowned lame-duck President Trump and whether he will continue the narrative of false election results but only time will tell. This in addition to news of the race we now can watch a unique run-off election for the U.S. Senate for who will gain majority or a possible tie with the Vice President as a tie-breaker. The checks and balances placed upon our branches of government have been integral to watch out for gross misuses of governmental power. They also decide what policies and laws can be passed with ease or whether infighting will gridlock our country to a standstill. Here’s hoping to a Mitch McConnell without the majority come January and I hope all of you stay safe in the meantime.

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